Adam Koprucki

Founder of Real World Investor

Adam Koprucki Bio Image

Expertise: Fixed-income investing, Macroeconomics, Personal Finance, Derivatives, Options, Index Funds

Professional Experience: J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Deloitte Consulting, Societe Generale, The Vanguard Group

Education: Loyola University: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Certificate in Capital Markets

Adam Koprucki is the founder of realworldinvestor a website dedicated to reviewing the newest and latest investing tools, and providing unique market insights for beginner to intermediate investors.

Prior to starting realworldinvestor, he spent over a decade working at some of the world’s largest investment banks and investment managers such as Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Societe Generale, Deloitte, and The Vanguard Group. His experience includes working with complex financial products such as exotic interest rate derivatives, structured products, and structured credit.

A dedicated and enthusiastic investor, he is passionate about macroeconomics and options trading. His investing insights have been published in Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and GoBankingRates.

He lives in New Jersey, with his wife.