Domain Money Review 2024: An All-in-one Wealth Management Service

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Domain Money is an all-in-one wealth management service that provides investment management and much more.

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Domain Money is an all-in-one wealth management service that helps you manage your entire financial life with a dedicated Financial Planner. 

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What is Domain Money?

Domain Money is an all-in-one wealth management app that helps you manage your entire financial life with a dedicated Certified Financial Planner. 

Founded by industry experts who developed Clarity Money and Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Domain built a set of proprietary technologies and processes that radically streamline the time it takes to deliver its services.

Utilizing a team of specialists behind the scenes who handle specialized tasks, such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and investment management specialists, their advisors can focus their time and attention on their clients.

How Does Domain Money Work?

Domain Money’s key offering is its financial Planner service.

When you sign up for Domain Money, they will connect you with an investment advisor investment advisor who is registered as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP® Professional).

Unlike other platforms, Domain’s Financial Planners are actual company employees, which means customers are treated with the highest standard of care to act in the best interests of their clients.

Domain CFPs are fiduciaries, which means they are legally required to manage your money for your benefit, not theirs.

NOTE: Domain does not use AI to deliver financial advice. Their approach ensures a highly qualified human advisor, who is dedicated to your account and oversees all financial advice.

Domain does not charge fees based on your chosen products, meaning their advice is entirely objective and helps align their interests with their clients.

Your Domain advisor will collaborate with you to recommend the most suitable account type and asset allocation based on various factors, including your objectives, risk tolerance, and future plans.

The investment advisor will help you construct cost-effective portfolios with a high level of diversification, primarily using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds.

Try DOMAIN Money

Key Features

As an all-in-one wealth management app, Domain Money offers various financial services to keep your money in order.

One Page Plan

The One Page Financial Plan provides a tactical guide for those starting out and wanting to optimize their financial resources. 

This is a 90-minute financial planning session with an actionable One Page Plan to clean-up your current finances and get you on track for your financial goals.

The one-page plan charges a flat fee of $2,500.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Financial Plan enables clients to choose up to three financial areas on which to focus and receive customized advice and recommendations. 

The most common areas are cash flow, home affordability and retirement. This plan includes two meetings and one month of unlimited phone and email access.

The strategic plan charges a flat fee of $4,500.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan includes everything in your life with a dollar sign, and while the numbers form the foundation for the plan, it is your goals and values that drive the recommendations. Financial areas include goal setting, cash flow analysis, debt management, investments, tax planning, real estate, education savings, retirement planning, insurance and estate planning. 

The Comprehensive Planning process is a six-month engagement and consists of four meetings to actively help you implement the plan and keep you accountable.

The comprehensive plan charges a flat fee of $7,500.

Pricing & Value

Domain Money’s pricing is transparent and simple.

Is Domain Money Worth It?

Domain Money offers an interesting opportunity to streamline personal finance and wealth management. If you are overwhelmed by managing your finances or don’t want to deal with the details, then Domain Money is worth it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Domain Money Legit?

Yes, Domain Money is legit. The company was founded and is run by Adam Dell (brother of Dell Computer founder Michael Dell). Before founding Domain Money, Dell was a partner at Goldman Sachs – Marcus.

Our Review Methodology

Investing in the right financial products is crucial for achieving your financial goals. That’s why our review methodology is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of various investing platforms and tools. Here’s a breakdown of what we focus on:

Tools and Features

We dig deep into the suite of tools that each platform offers. Whether it’s automated investment features, tax optimization, or specialized charting tools, we evaluate how these features contribute to smarter investing decisions. We ask questions like:

  • What is its main offering, and how does it compare to its peers?
  • How effective are the risk assessment tools?
  • Are there any value-added services like educational content?

Price and Value

Price matters, especially when it comes to investing, where every penny counts. We analyze:

  • Subscription fees
  • Hidden Charges
  • Price compared to the overall value received

We’ll let you know if the platform gives you the most bang for your buck.

Ease of Use

User experience can make or break an investment platform. We assess:

  • Interface Design – Is it intuitive and easy to use?
  • Mobile app availability and functionality
  • Customer Support – where applicable.

Nobody wants to navigate a clunky interface when dealing with their hard-earned money.

How We Do It

  1. Hands-On Testing: I signed up for Domain Money to provide real insight. This is how I give my unique perspective. We’re unlike some other sites where they simply rehash marketing materials.
  2. Customer Reviews: What are other users saying? We look at reviews and customer feedback to gauge public opinion.
  3. Comparative Analysis: Finally, we compare each platform against competitors regarding features, pricing, and user experience.

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